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Are you a married professional woman running a business and building a marriage?

Do you ever feel like you wish you had more confidence in certain areas of your life?

Do you feel like your story could help others but nobody knows it?

Do you feel like intimacy with your husband is a dwindling flame?

The Bra~less Experience™

A Platinum Business Coaching Program

For Married Professional Women

Ladies, imagine finally getting home from a long day. All you want to do is grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, change into comfy clothes and exhale the day away.


But the BEST feeling of all is when you take off your bra. There is such freedom and naturalness when you can let go of what's been holding you bound.

It gives you permission to be yourself.

The Bra~less Experience is not an action you take but a concept you make. 

Just like a bra, in our business we are taking off what

is holding us back and letting it go so we can be ourselves.


The Bra~less Experience™ is a movement to take off what's holding you back and let go of the preconceived ideas you think will make you successful because it's actually stunting your growth, both personally and professionally.



After you have taken off what's holding you back and let go of the preconceived ideas then The Bra~less Experience™ empowers you to show up, unapologetically in three ways:

Her Brilliance

Her Business

Her Bedroom

Leona Goes 

to Paris

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Did you know you are also supporting a foster child?