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About Leona

Hi, I'm Leona! I am a mother of six beautiful children. I help busy moms experience less stress and make sleep a priority through time-saving strategies. Why? Because I am that busy mom and having strategies in place changed my life!! Now I can be a rock star and a mom!

Leona Carter is an International Empowerment Speaker, Best-selling Author, Life Strategist, Talk Show Host and President and CEO of Carter Strategies LLC.


Leona helps passion-driven mothers discover their purpose parallel to parenting starting with the words they speak. She is passionate about motherhood and being intentional about raising respectful, responsible and integrity-minded children. Leona and her husband Omarr, lives in Kalamazoo Michigan, originally from Seattle Washington.


Married since 1995, Leona and Omarr have six beautiful children and have been foster parents since 2002. With her ability to connect with mothers she draws out what’s best within each of them.


Leona is enthusiastic in sharing her knowledge and experience with other mothers to provide tools and tips to help them on this journey called motherhood.