~Her Business~

Her Business empowers women to share their story and gain the proven strategy to book speaking engagements on the platform of their book, business, or program.


You will learn how to tell a compelling signature story, outline a great signature talk, use a done-for-you script to connect with decision makers, and so much more.

Like many corporate employees, you're expected to do your job and not make a fuss. 

Or maybe you own your own business and just can’t get over that growth plateau?

In either situation, there is power behind using your voice.  Finding the right words. Articulating the perfect message.  Engaging your audience. Connecting with clients. Or, even, speaking confidently with your supervisor.   


In part two, HER Business, you’ll learn how to effectively share your story and use your voice. 


You will learn my proven strategy to confidently and skillfully book speaking engagements and share your message.

Do you want to be seen as a subject matter expert?

Do you want to book speaking engagements to build your business?


Are you looking to stand out in the boardroom?

Are you ready to wow your presentations?


I’ll help you use the power of your story to increase you visibility in the marketplace.

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