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Are you a married professional woman running a business and building a marriage?

Do you ever feel like you wish you had more confidence in certain areas of your life?

Do you feel like your story could help others but nobody knows it?

Are you feeling like intimacy with your husband is a dwindling flame?

If so, then I would love to chat with you!


The Bra~less Experience™



Ladies, imagine finally getting home from a long day. All you want to do is grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, change into comfy clothes and exhale the day away.


But the BEST feeling of all is when you take off your bra. There is such freedom and liberty when you let go of what's been holding you bound all day and you can relax and be yourself.


The Bra~less Experience™ is a movement to let go of the preconceived ideas you think will make you successful because it's actually stunting your growth. The Bra~less Experience™ empowers married professional women to show up, unapologetically in: 

~Her Brilliance

To dominate HER brand

~Her Business

To share HER story

~Her Bedroom

To enhance HER intimacy

Hey rock star, I'm Leona! Nice to meet you!


My name is Leona Carter, a global champion passionate about helping married professional women break into the market by excelling in three key areas of her life; Her Brilliance, Her Business, and Her Bedroom so that she can dominate HER brand, share HER story, and enhance Her intimacy through The Bra-less Experience™.

As an International Empowerment Speaker, Best-selling Author, Life Strategist and Talk Show Host on Mommy Talk Live, it's my desire to empower women across the globe with a message of authenticity to confidently own our zone of brilliance.

As the President and Chief Executive Officer of Carter Strategies and the creator of The Bra-less Experience™️, I help women reach their next level and debunk the myth of how we define success, empowering women to “let go” of what success is supposed to look like and create it for herself.

Married since 1995, and high school sweethearts, My husband Omarr and I, have six beautiful children and occasional foster children.

We family moved from Seattle Washington to Kalamazoo Michigan for the tuition-based program called The Kalamazoo Promise, where we were featured in the New York Times.

My energetic personality and vibrant passion sets me apart from the normalcy of entrepreneurship and I blaze a trail everywhere I go, so let's go together!

Whoop, Whoop!

The Bra~less Experience™ is

A Platinum Business Coaching Program

For Married Professional Women.

In this 12-week, 3-part, platinum coaching program, I empower married professional women to confidently show up in three key areas of her life.

~Her Brilliance~

Empowers women to fully embrace their personal brand in unconventional ways.


Gain confidence to initiate conversation without the awkwardness.

Those who own their brilliance tend to be at ease in social situations.


Learn to lead from where they are with the 90/10 rule.


Gain the strategy to articulate there value, which is a total game changer.


The Bra~less Experience™ helps women to dominate their brand in a way that has nothing to do with what they do in their career or business.


Yep! You heard me correctly.


Owning your brilliance isn't about how well you do your job or operate in your business. It's about how well you work on your inner brand so that you can dominate your outter brand.


Her brilliance debunks what society says will make women successful.

Having a greater sense of self-worth exudes in all aspects of a womens business and life, therefore, empowering women to build on her valuse with 


In part 1 of the platinum business coaching program, we outline the blueprint to our success.

~Her Business~

Empowers women to share their story and gain the proven strategy to book speaking engagements on the platform of their book, business, or program.


Women will learn how to tell a compelling signature story, outline a great signature talk, use a done-for-you script to connect with decision makers, and so much more.

Like many corporate employees, we’re

expected to do our job and not make a fuss. 



Or maybe you own your own business and just can’t get over that growth plateau?


There is a power behind using your voice.  Finding the right words. Articulating the perfect message.  Engaging your audience. Connecting with clients. Or, imagine the power of speaking confidently with your manager.   


In part two, HER Business, you’ll learn how to EFFECTIVELY SHARE YOUR STORY.  


My proven strategies will give you the confidence and know-how to unapologetically share your message and take yourself to the next level…


Do you want to be seen as a subject matter expert?

Wanting to book speaking engagements to build your business? 

Looking to stand out in the boardroom?

Ready to ask for that promotion?


I’ll help you use your voice and make it happen!

~Her Bedroom~

Empowers married women with support and strategies to continue kindling intimacy for a healthy sustainable marriage.


We're not just talking about sex but really understanding how to communicate intimacy in a powerful way to your husband through:


The Wedding Night: 5 key questions you were too afraid to ask then but are ready to ask now.


 It's a huge part of our lives but it's a conversation now many women are having.


A private, yet pivotal piece of every married woman’s life is the health of her marriage.  In part three, Her Bedroom, you’ll learn how to intentionally enhance your intimacy.


When I say intimacy it is not all about sex.  Sex is easy. Intimacy is not.  

Intimacy is a learned art.  When every other aspect of our lives affects our mood, our desire and our patience it can be hard taking the time to foster, enhance and ignite intimacy in our marriage.

You’ll learn communication techniques specific to a married relationship.

You’ll learn how to speak your spouse’s love language.

You’ll learn how to create an open dialogue with, The Wedding Night: Five questions you were too afraid to ask then, but are ready to ask now.

You’ll learn how to communicate your needs in a way that’s both beneficial and satisfying without feeling like you are just going through the motions. 

All with the result of a sweeter, kinder, more thoughtful and intentional marriage.

Many times, support around marriage is about communication, being considerate of each other's feelings and needs and other area that are important, but let's be honest, not many counselors or life coaches are talking about intimate issues that can go unaddressed for years.

I was never bold enough or confident to talk to my girlfriends about intimate issues because quite frankly, it was embarrassing. I was ashamed that I didn't know how to build intimacy with my husband. Everybody seem to have gone to intimacy university  but I missed that class.

I am here to tell you, you are not alone. Every marriage doesn't struggle building intimacy but the ones that could use support in this area, you have a community that wants to support you.

This platinum business coaching program is like 3 courses in one and focuses on areas we deal with every single day. This is a small community of business besties to go through life with, learn together, and grow with.


If you are ready for a community to support you in these 3 key areas, I would love to chat.

Next level, game changer, unlike any other are just a few words to describe 

The Bra~less Experience™. Schedule a call and let's chat to see if this is a

great fit to take your business to the next level.

Leona Goes 

to Paris

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