~Her Brilliance~

Her Brilliance empowers women to fully embrace their personal brand in unconventional ways.


You will gain confidence to initiate conversation without the awkwardness.

I help you own you Brilliance so that you can be at ease in social situations.


You'll learn to lead from where you are with the 90/10 rule.


You'll gain the strategy to articulate your value, which is a total game changer.

The Bra~less Experience™ helps you dominate your brand in a way that has nothing to do with

what you do in your career or business.


Yep! You heard me correctly.

In part one, Her Brilliance, we outline the blueprint to your brilliance so that you can own your zone of genius in the market place. Your tribe will be drawn to you long before they know what you do.


Owning your brilliance isn't about how well you do your job or operate in your business. It's about how well you work on your inner brand so that you can dominate your outer brand.

Her brilliance debunks what society says will make you successful.

Having a greater sense of self-worth exudes in all aspects of your business and life, therefore, building your value will enhance others as well as yourself.

Everybody knows, when you walk into a room, confidence tells the story before you ever open your mouth.

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