Our world is hurting! The civil unrest is taking a toll on communities everywhere, especially the African American and Black Communities.

As an online entrepreneur, I have seen firsthand and experiencing the affects from my non-minority leaders, who have a great heart but was not equipped with tools or strategies to lead their very, large communities with sensitivity and intentionality, simultaneously. 

It was hard to watch. I have approached several of these leaders and agreed to come alongside and help them equip there communities with tools, NOW! 


That's what I am vowing to do for you, too!

As an International Empowerment Speaker, I literally travel the world speaking, but, of course, not so much during the pandemic here in the USA. If you as a leader and CEO understand you have to lead your organization with intentionality like never before, because if not, your business culture will not survive, here's how I am empowering and equipping you:



I will be facilitating virtual, interactive and transformational conversations with you and your team. But before that happens, the first thing you will need to do is schedule a mandatory meeting with your team and advise them you will have a mandatory meeting facilitated by an outside organization that is going to equip your company with next steps for a diverse and inclusive business culture.

Imagine how your colleagues would feel hearing that coming from you as their leader, especially colleagues in the African American and Black Communities.


That's what I am vowing to do for you.

Send me and email with any questions you have and let's confirm a date on your calendar that works for your team. 

As you are getting back to work, you know in your heart things cannot go back to normal and that's where I can assist you to make sure you have a new normal.

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