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~Her Bedroom~ Rough Draft Mostly Complete

A private, yet pivotal piece of every married woman’s life is the health of her marriage.  In part three, Her Bedroom, you’ll learn how to intentionally enhance your intimacy.


When I say intimacy it is not all about sex.  Sex is easy. Intimacy is not.  

Intimacy is a learned art.  When every other aspect of our lives affects our mood, our desire and our patience it can be hard taking the time to foster, enhance and ignite intimacy in our marriage.

You’ll learn communication techniques specific to a married relationship.

You’ll learn how to speak your spouse’s love language.

You’ll learn how to create an open dialogue with, The Wedding Night: Five questions you were too afraid to ask then, but are ready to ask now.

You’ll learn how to communicate your needs in a way that’s both beneficial and satisfying without feeling like you are just going through the motions. 

All with the result of a sweeter, kinder, more thoughtful and intentional marriage.

Many times, support around marriage is about communication, being considerate of each other's feelings and needs and other area that are important, but let's be honest, not many counselors or life coaches are talking about intimate issues that can go unaddressed for years.

I was never bold enough or confident to talk to my girlfriends about intimate issues because quite frankly, it was embarrassing. I was ashamed that I didn't know how to build intimacy with my husband. Everybody seem to have gone to intimacy university  but I missed that class.

I am here to tell you, you are not alone. Every marriage doesn't struggle building intimacy but the ones that could use support in this area, you have a community that wants to support you.

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