Why should I work with Leona?

Because Leona is a global champion and passionate about helping married women build long-lasting intimacy with their husbands. It’s a conversation all over the world not many people are talking about and Leona is determined to talk about it.

As an International Empowerment Speaker, Best-selling Author, Life Strategist, and Talk Show Host, Leona helps women have the conversation and understand the difference between having sex and building intimacy.

"As a new wife, I didn’t understand the difference between having sex and building intimacy, so it took the first decade of my marriage to figure it out. I was involved in small groups at my church for married couples but none provided the help I needed for my struggle. Once I grew to gain confidence and clarity on building intimacy, I was on the path to a better relationship with my husband.”

Some of the challenges Leona faces while helping women are many couples don't know the difference between increasing sex and increasing intimacy, therefore, husband's want sex as proof of love while women give sex in hopes of love. They both long for a connection that sex alone doesn't fulfill.

Leona and Omarr have been married since 1995 and continue to grow in their relationship daily and found there are NOT a lot of conversations about the topic of building intimacy with your spouse. Because of the work needed to maintain a healthy relationship, Leona knew she was not alone. Hundreds of women have shared with Leona how her work has been life-changing and a breath of fresh air. There are many women who feel like they are beyond help and Leona wants to continue the conversation letting women know there is hope.

"I’m encouraged by the opportunities I get to speak to women all over the world and share my story while helping wives develop theirs." 

Coaching with a Life Strategist

Coaching with a Life Strategist is a collaborative relationship between a certified life coach and a client looking to tap into their full potential in a specific area in "life." Just as athletes wouldn’t train without the insight, knowledge, and support of an athletic coach, many of today’s most successful business leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, executives, and CEOs use the services of a life coach to take their personal lives or businesses to the next level.

Leona works globally with married women and speaks at conferences to empower marriages through supporting wives. Leona is available for keynote presentations, company workshops, small or large group coaching, and private coaching and consulting.

Sex or intimacy? Leona has group coaching programs which support you as you start your journey to build intimacy with your husband. This will provide you with the tools and accountability you need to unlock your fears, open the communication, and enjoy a more fulfilling life. Learn the difference between sex and intimacy and how to get started building true, long-lasting intimacy.

Join a community of women who are going through the same thing.

I’m excited to let you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Forget feeling low confidence and self-esteem in the bedroom.

Forget about struggling in silence.

Forget about unexplained feelings that your husband doesn’t seem to understand.

You know you are super grateful for your husband but have trouble expressing it during sex.

I am excited to help you go from feeling like you don’t measure up to really valuing your life commitment by building long-lasting intimacy. 

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